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Author: Ruben Bybee I Jan 10, 2020

Are You An Intellectual

A short quiz to determine if you are an intellectual. This quiz is for fun and has not been peer reviewed. You are welcome to use Google to help you.

Author: Ruben Bybee

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You suddenly awaken to find yourself stranded on an Island with lions, tigers, and bears. The water is a bright pink, the trees are purple,  the dirt is orange, and you can fly. How do you proceed?

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You are in a group and for over 2 hours a belligerent drunkard has been making repeated profoundly false statements in an effort to impress, what do you do?

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An online person that is notoriously ignorant made an absurd and angry comment to one of your posts, what do you do?

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You are asked a question about something you have absolutely no knowledge of, what do you do?

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You face a problem that you have never encountered before, how do you proceed?

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You read a post on someones facebook timeline that is factually true but is stated using one syllable words, bad spelling, and bad grammar. How do you feel about this?

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What is the lowest acceptable IQ to be a member of every High IQ society?

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You are confronted about the accuracy of something you researched and found to be true. What is your response?

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You discover your brand new FB friend suffers from an extreme case of the Dunning–Kruger effect.  How do you respond when they decide to school you with false truths?

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You receive constructive feedback on a post from an individual with an established higher IQ and deeper understanding than you of said topic. What do you do?

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