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cakelet, n.

No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.

— Robin Williams

astrobotany, n.

astrobotany, n. The branch of botany concerned with the discovery or study of plant life on other planets or in space.

gully, n.4

gully, n.4 Originally and chiefly in Indian English: a narrow passage between buildings; a lane or alley.

guber, adj.

guber, adj. In Nigerian English: of or relating to a governor or governorship; short for 'gubernatorial'.

randan, n.1

randan, n. Riotous or disorderly behaviour; a rowdy celebration or excursion, a spree.

adult, v.

adult, v. To become, be, or behave as an adult; (now) esp. to carry out the mundane or everyday tasks that are a necessary part of adult life.

quaere, v.

quaere, v. To query; to question.

Jedi, n.

Jedi, n. In the fictional universe of the Star Wars films: a member of an order of heroic, skilled warrior monks who are able to harness the mystical power of the Force.

perk tree, n.

perk tree, n. Scottish. A long pole; spec. a pole or rod, set up horizontally, from which to hang cloth or clothes.

zhuzhy, adj.

zhuzhy, adj. Stylish, attractive, exciting. Also sometimes: flamboyant, showy.

Jack in the green, n.

Jack in the green, n. At May Day celebrations, a man or boy wearing a wooden or wicker framework decorated with leaves to symbolize seasonal fertility.