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IQ Terms

This is a quiz about terms related to IQ testing.

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The ________ reasoning IQ test measures the ability to learn, understand and use language in different ways. Some criteria needed are a quick understanding of text, a large vocabulary,  as well as the ability to accurately use the lexicon in practice.

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The first modern intelligence test in IQ history was developed in 1904, by _____ _____ (1857-1911) and Theodore Simon (1873-1961). This test calculated IQ as (mental age/chronological age) X 100.

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A ______ reasoning test measures the ability to understand and solve complicated _____ problems among objects or space. These abilities involve understanding the outside world and also the processing of outside information and reasoning with it.

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A type of IQ question to identify the ability to calculate.  This requires you to answer some questions of facts and figures by choosing one correct option for each question.

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A ________  reasoning question consisting of deductive, inductive and abduction reasoning.

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What is the IQ range of a person with an IQ score of 150sd15?

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What does IQ stand for?

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Do intellectual people have high IQ?

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What does SD stand for?

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A type of IQ test designed to test non-verbal intelligence while minimizing cultural or educational biases.

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This word comes from Latin and means "how many times."  Outside of math use of this word is rarely used.

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