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IQ Testing Resources

by | Dec 28, 2019

Free Online IQ Testing (non-certified):

International High IQ Society Classic Intelligent Test
https://www.123test.com/iq-test/#classical-intelligence-test   – 10 min timed.

Brain Metrics Initiative™
https://www.test-iq.org/free-iq-test/  – 20 questions / 20 min timed.

Psychology Today Culture Fair IQ Test
https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/tests/iq/culture-fair-iq-test – 25 min timed

Backlund’s Culture Fair Intelligence Test
https://bakaiq.com/iq-tests/free/bcfit/index.php – 45 Spatial Questions / 25 mins

PAID Online IQ Testing (certifications received):

International Culture Fair Intelligence Test – by ICFIT
https://iq-test.ca/ccfit/ – 1 for $8.99 / 3 for $15.99 / 10 for $29.99

GENE High Range IQ Test – by Iakovos Koukas, PhD
https://www.geneiqtest.org/ – Donation

Culture fair intelligence test by International High IQ Society
https://www.123test.com/culture-fair-intelligence-test/ – $8.99

Brain Metrics Initiative™
https://www.test-iq.org/take-the-iq-test-now/ – $19.99 for certified results

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