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by | Jan 12, 2020

I love Jesus. This is my personal belief. I best associate with the Christian religion. I am multi-perspective and welcome thoughtful submissions of other beliefs. 

Why Jesus here? #1. I always wanted to share Jesus and I now I can. #2. I find spirituality fascinating and I wanted to have an area in the High IQ Community for intellectual conversations about spirituality.

Now back to me. I believe in a personal God. I feel the Holy Bible is the most amazing written work on the planet. I especially love the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek versions.

If you want to know why I believe in my Lord, Jesus, & The Holy Bible then please follow the link below.

This Way To Jesus

the love of Jesus this way —>

Other Respected Religions:
I acknowledge other belief systems and respect their point of view.


These are the major religions. I love and respect many others as well.

– Ruben


No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.

— Robin Williams

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