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jibbons, n.

Life is ours to be spent, not to be saved

— D. H. Lawrence

antitail, n.

antitail, n. A luminous protuberance which appears to extend from a comet's head towards the sun.

vote-a-rama, n.

vote-a-rama, n. An event held with the aim of registering many people to vote.

rabbity, adj.

rabbity, adj. Resembling, characteristic of, or suggestive of a rabbit; containing many rabbits.

hiraeth, n.

hiraeth, n. Originally and chiefly in the context of Wales and Welsh culture: deep longing for a person or thing which is absent or lost; yearning; nostalgia; spec. homesickness.

pantechnic, adj.

pantechnic, adj. Relating to or including all the arts, or all subjects.

stromboli, n.

stromboli, n. A type of savoury pastry made with dough (typically pizza dough) that is folded over or rolled up to enclose a filling of cheese and meat or vegetables.

retcon, n.

retcon, n. In a fictional work or series: a piece of new (and typically revelatory) information which imposes a different interpretation on previously described events…

sotong, n.

sotong, n. In Singapore English: squid or cuttlefish. Used to denote a stereotypically stupid, clumsy, or ignorant person, esp. in blur as (a) sotong.

craftivist, n.

craftivist, n. A person who creates and displays handmade objects, esp. items incorporating knitted or sewn text or imagery, to promote a political message or raise awareness of a social issue.

La Tène, n.

La Tène, n. Of, relating to, or belonging to a culture (lasting from the 5th to the 1st cent. b.c.) of the second Iron Age of central and western Europe, and the style of art associated with it.