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These 5 Online Tools Provide Up-to-Date Tracking of The New Coronavirus Spread

by | Feb 11, 2020 | New, News

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(Coronavirus app) HEALTH These 5 Online Tools Provide Up-to-Date Tracking of The New Coronavirus Spread MARY MEISENZAHL, BUSINESS INSIDER 11 FEB 2020

The death toll of the coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China, has killed over 1,000, and the virus has infected more than 42,000 people. On January 30, the World Health Organisation (WHO) officially declared it a global health emergency.

As the virus spreads and people start to panic, experts have created some tools that are useful for tracking the infection.

Several use WHO and Centres for Disease Control data to track outbreaks and recoveries, while others are aimed only at a Chinese audience, and focused on controlling the infection be helping people track who they might have come into contact with.

Using these tools, along with preventative measures like handwashing and avoiding contact with sick people, could slow the spread of the coronavirus.

The outbreak originated in Wuhan, China in December, and is now in at least 26 countries. Experts are now calling it a "mild pandemic," and theorizing that it could become a permanent virus that humans face, akin to the seasonal flu.

Here are five tools to follow the coronavirus.

1. Johns Hopkins CSSE map

This online dashboard from Johns Hopkins uses CDC and WHO data to track the outbreak in real time.

(Johns Hopkins)(Johns Hopkins)

Check out the Johns Hopkins CSSE map here.

2. Health Map

This map also tracks outbreaks of the virus, but it uses AI to scrape posts on news sites and social media to create a heat map of the virus, which can be useful to health officials.

(Health Map)(Health Map)

Check out the Health Map here.

Source: Statnews

3. Coronavirus app

This app from two French expats in Taiwan has a useful breakdown of infections, deaths, and recoveries by region.

Coronavirus app(Coronavirus app)

Check out the coronavirus app here.

4. Baidu map

Chinese search engine Baidu has created an epidemic map alongside its normal map, which shows real-time locations of confirmed and suspected coronavirus cases.

Check out the Baidu map here.

5. Chinese flight and train checker

A Chinese cybersecurity firm created a tool available in China that lets people input flight or train numbers to see if they have travelled with anyone infected with the coronavirus.

The tool is available on 360 products, here.

This article was originally published by Business Insider.

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