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travertine, n.

Don’t worry until your sure. When your sure then there is no reason to worry. So why worry?

— Eric Carpineta

sotong, n.

sotong, n. In Singapore English: squid or cuttlefish. Used to denote a stereotypically stupid, clumsy, or ignorant person, esp. in blur as (a) sotong.

craftivist, n.

craftivist, n. A person who creates and displays handmade objects, esp. items incorporating knitted or sewn text or imagery, to promote a political message or raise awareness of a social issue.

La Tène, n.

La Tène, n. Of, relating to, or belonging to a culture (lasting from the 5th to the 1st cent. b.c.) of the second Iron Age of central and western Europe, and the style of art associated with it.

sui-similar, adj.

sui-similar, adj. Similar to itself; having no variety or diversity.

sari-sari store, n.

sari-sari store, n. In the Philippines: a small neighbourhood store selling a variety of goods.

oliver current, adv.

oliver current, adv. Smoothly, without hindrance, according to plan.

ice master, n.

ice master, n. A naval officer or pilot who has special experience in navigating vessels in icy waterways.

meta-analysis, n.

meta-analysis, n. In statistics: analysis of data from a number of independent studies of the same subject (published or unpublished), esp. in order to determine overall trends and significance; an instance of this.

scholarian, n.

scholarian, n. In the later Roman Empire and Byzantine Empire: a member of one of the cohorts or companies which formed the imperial guard.